Allow us to introduce ourselves?

hedo employs an excellent team of specialists in production, support, organization, sales and marketing ensuring the company’s strong position in the market.

Founded by Jürgen Mai in 1990 as hedo Software und Systeme GmbH, today’s hedo Reha-Technik GmbH develops, produces and delivers technologically advanced top-quality communication aids for visually impaired or blind people and senior citizens.

After the development of a computer-assisted visual aid with speech output – hedoScan B – in 1994, hedo was the first company to introduce a compact reading aid.

The production of our own family of Braille displays in 1998 is complemented by the mobile battery-operated Braille display MobilLine in 1999.

JAWS, the successful Windows-Screenreader, is added to our product portfolio

During the following years, hedo focuses on further expansion and offers a new product line of magnification device.

The compact electronic magnifier Quicklook joins our range of portable products in 2004.