Law and Order.

hedo accepts liability for its own controlled and published website content according to applicable law. Owned content may however also contain links to other websites that are not controlled or operated by hedo and need to be differentiated. When incorporating such links, hedo offers “external content” we cannot be held accountable for unless we have knowledge of unlawful and criminal information contained within and do not prevent its use if reasonable and within our technical possibilities.

Links are always dynamic cross references. When the link is established initially, hedo does verify external content with respect to potential unlawful and criminal information possibly construing responsibility on our side. We are however not bound by law to continuously check all linked web content which may generate newly founded liability. In the event that hedo is made aware by others or detects independently that a specific offer or site to which we created a link exposes us to unlawful and criminal liability, hedo will delete the respective link if reasonable and within our technical possibilities. hedo remains the right to change, amend or delete any offered information partially or entirely at any time.